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Hello World!

Lately I have felt like a true Shaman.  Shaman’s are called on to serve the Community and I have said yes to the call.  We never know how we can help.  I must say at the outset that beginning this blog is the encouragement from my Chiropractor extraordinaire, Dr. Gary Erkfritz (Thousand Oaks, CA).  I was sharing yet another story of a day in my life with him and he sat down and showed me how to begin.  He said “you have so much to say that can help people know what you do and how Craniosacral Therapy works”.  Thank so much, Dr. Gary!  This is going to be great. 

My current job at a massage school is on hold because not enough new students signed up, so I have been using my skills I learned from my entire working life to manifest income.  Honestly, it has been a struggle.  The trickle-down effect has come to this.  Sometimes when I’m faced with what I call  “a wall”, I revert back to old habits, which don’t serve me anymore.  I continually work at shifting how I hold old patterns and the events lately have taught me more lessons on going forward with the new.  Muscles have memory and I am learning quicker each time another “lesson” comes around.  Old dogs do learn new tricks!  Shaman’s work more on ourselves, for to help others we must be as clear as we can be.

Well, let me get to the reason I began this blog.  These true life events have happened within 6 days, ending 2 days ago.  

 Dec.6 ~ My companion, Jazzie Cat, had to be put to sleep.  She filled my living space with her small presence yet with a heart big enough to fill my known world.  My heart was broken.   I felt guilty that I couldn’t help her better than I did.  She just was not getting better and my head said this was the best thing for her, but my heart was torn.  Her passing helped me to grieve my parents passing more deeply and for that I am thankful to her.  What a little love.  Never to be forgotten.  I held a ceremony for her, a fire with catnip, copal and sage under a clear, cold sky.  The next day I only had one client (grateful for the work).  After, I stayed at home and cried.

Dec 8.  I received a call from a former student who I have been working with throughout her pregnancy with massage and craniosacral therapies.  Her water had broken.  Can I come to assist?  I arrived to the hospital at 3pm and she was barely dilated.  I began the specific craniosacral releases on 3 cranial bones which correspond to 3 bones in the pelvis.  You see, during labor and delivery, our intentional touch releases the cranial bones and sutures which accesses the parasympathetic nervous system ( helps with relaxation) and assists the body in doing what it naturally knows what to do.  Craniosacral therapy doesn’t force the body, but each contraction is more productive.   By 6pm she was dilated to 5cm.  At 7:47 her beautiful baby was delivered with her husband at her side, and I with my hands at her head.  I left the family soon after checking in with baby to bond and rest.  A good day.

Dec 9.  I visited a client near the end of her life for her weekly craniosacral and massage session.  Then off to teach about Acupressure’s effectiveness taught to me by my massage teacher, Dr. Thomas Ahern (Mariposa, CA).  A gal there had just been diagnosed with Fibromalgia.  After her 20 minute session from another student, the pain in her legs and shoulders left.  She later told me on the 12th, the pain had just returned that morning.  Another session is due asap!

Dec 10.  Taught Hot Stone Massage to 4 students.  They connected well with the healing stones.  The “stone people”  have much to say if we’ll but listen. 

Dec 11.  Visit to a 4-month old with Down Syndrome.  Great results from the first 30 minute craniosacral session.  No more tongue thrusting.  Nice releases and a good visit with the parents.

Dec 12.  2 craniosacral therapy clients.  1 with Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction and the other healing from trauma and surgery.

Dec 13.  Visit to Dr. Gary for me, then a phone call.  The husband of one of my former students passed and would I come over.  He passed at home with his entire family at his side.  I performed the Death Rites/Spiral as taught from my school, Healing the Light Body and Dying Consciously.  One of the friends there told me she could feel the love energy across the room as I worked.  I stayed until his body was removed from the home, holding space as they grieved.  I grieved with them, not with tears but silently with memories of my own losses.

Shaman’s assist the Community from great joy in birth, to healing from trauma and pain, to the end of life issues holding all in sacred space and in ceremonial intention as we are called on.   Hence the name of this blog.   

In this blog I will share what I am honored in my life to do.  Whether one-on-one or over the phone, the work is sufficient unto itself.  Powerful to shift how one holds patterns that no longer serve us, or to assist in Soul Retrieval,  Reiki, Craniosacral, Baby Massage or ???  How can I serve you?   

I look forward to my next post.  V


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